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: The Rules  ( 7566 )
The Head Mage
Battle Mage
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« : July 21, 2008, 09:43:28 pm »

General Rules
These forums have a theoretical PG-13 rating. Anything we decide is inappropriate will be removed, this includes posts, usernames, signatures, links, images etc. The offending member will be warned by Private Message.

Under each forum, there are descriptions. This is what we expect to be posted there. Off topic posts may be moved or deleted.

No asking or persuading another person to give you their password or changing it to a password that you know.

You cannot encourage others to break the rules.

The staff of the forum consists of a Head Mage, and several Global Moderators. If you wish to report someone or something, or complain about a warning. Just PM a moderator, or the Head Mage. Impersonating staff in any way is NOT ALLOWED.

Spam/Advertising Policy
Please do not start threads with the sole purpose of advertising your website. Do not send Private Messages to users for the same purpose either. There will be no spamming of the boards, or mass PM'ing users rubbish either.

Sigature Policy
Your forum signature should have no more than 5 emoticons (smileys). Please use no more than 300 characters in your signature, and if you choose to use images, they should not have total pixel dimensions that exceed 400x150 pixels. You may have more than one image, so long as the total is not higher than the maximum. For example: You could have one 400x150 pixel image, two 200x150 pixel images, two 400x60 images, etc. You may have up to two links in your signature.

Any breaches of the rules will earn you a warning via PM. If we find that you are a frequent troublemaker, you may be banned.
« : July 21, 2008, 10:36:27 pm redwall_hp »

The Head Mage, and founder of Fantasy Folder
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