Dragonmount.com recently interviewed Red Eagle Entertainment in regards to the upcoming Wheel of Time: The Eye of the World movie. The brief transcript is now available on their website, and covers quite a lot of ground.

Red Eagle Entertainment optioned the WHEEL OF TIME property through a subsidiary about five years ago. Simply put, an option is the right to acquire something at a later time and at terms and conditions that have been agreed upon in advance. In our case, the option gave us the ability to purchase rights to develop, produce and distribute films and television programming based upon the WHEEL OF TIME, and also to license the themes and characters of the story for various applications such as video games and consumer products. We exercised our option and purchased these WHEEL OF TIME rights in February of 2008. And as you know, we are beginning with the adaption of “The Eye of the World”, which we intend to develop as a big-budget, live-action film for a theatrical release to a global audience.

Red Eagle Entertainment will be working in partnership with Universal to bring The Eye of the World to theaters by 2011.