Garth Nix says that his fantasy book Sabriel is likely to become a movie sometime in the next few years. While there is no news of a movie studio optioning the film rights yet, Mr. Nix is trying to solve that problem. He has put together a package deal that he is trying to sell to the Hollywood companies.

Nix says the package is as follows:

DIRECTOR: Anand Tucker (HILARY & JACKIE, SHOPGIRL and the original director of THE GOLDEN COMPASS before he left over creative differences)

WRITTEN BY: Dan Futterman (Academy Award nominee for his script of CAPOTE and also well-known actor, most recently in A MIGHTY HEART) and Garth Nix

PRODUCED BY: Dede Gardner and Jeremy Kleiner of Plan B (Brad Pitt’s production company).

Should a movie studio option the film rights, Nix would co-write the screenplay. Hopefully this all will work out, though there’s always a good chance it won’t, what with the cinema industry’s silly tendencies.

We will keep you posted as more news becomes available.