Brandon Sanderson has some good news for those of you who are fans of his Mistborn series: it’s going to be a movie.

The blog update includes a press release along with some thoughts from Sanderson.

When Chris Geary emailed me about making a Mistborn movie, I really thought nothing of it—I just assumed it was another nibble that would go nowhere. But then Chris showed how incredibly serious they were—when I was in New York he flew there to meet me and explained his really great and exciting plans for the movie adaptation. When I read Paloppa’s script treatment for the beginning of the story I immediately felt that they truly understood the book and how to adapt it.

It’s a little early to get too excited, seeing as there’s a long path from optioning the rights to the eventual release. However, it’s always great to see serious plans for a fantasy film, especially one as unique as Mistborn.