The Wertzone is reporting that Brandon Sanderson will soon be revisiting his Mistborn series. Sanderson has lately been working on a Mistborn novella as a side project, which is currently 60,000 words and may end up being longer by the time it is finished. Tor will be publishing it in 2011.

If that isn’t enough for you, he will also be working on an eventual sequel series. The novella will take place between the original Mistborn trilogy and the new series, which will be set several centuries later.

The new book will be set roughly halfway between the Mistborn trilogy and its planned sequel series, which will be set several centuries later when the people of Scadrial have achieved a level of technology similar to that of contemporary Earth, but with allomancy still in use. From the sound of it, the short story will be set at a time when firearms are in use, possibly a Wild West level of technology (apparently it features the ‘best allomancy gunfight ever’).

Where Brandon finds the time to work on his many projects (The Stormlight Archive series, the remaining Wheel of Time books, assorted standalone novels…) remains to be told.