In case you forgot, new espisodes of Smallville will air on television again starting January 15th, 2009. The show was interrupted in mid-November, as were most other TV shows, and will finally resume this month with episode #8-11 “Legion”:

DC COMICS’ LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES ARRIVE IN SMALLVILLE FROM THE FUTURE TO HELP CLARK STOP BRAINIAC AND THE PERSUADER — The aftermath of Doomsday’s (Sam Witwer) attack on Chloe (Allison Mack) and Jimmy’s (Aaron Ashmore) wedding leaves Clark (Tom Welling) in shock, but before he can search for the kidnapped Chloe, The Persuader (guest star Fraser Aithceson) appears and attacks him… [Official CW Description]

If you have no idea what Smalville is: Wikipedia.