Season 8 of Smallville will begin on September 18, 2008. The first episode, Odyssey, will continue not long after the dramatic ending in season 7’s final epsidode, Arctic. Following the destruction of the Fortress, Clark and Lex are missing in the Arctic, Clark without powers again for some reason, and the Justice League goes to find them. Seeing as Michael Rosenbaum is not contracted to be a regular for the season, it is widely assumed that they find Clark but not Lex.

A short promo is available on The CW’s website.

For those not in the know, Smallville is the current Superman TV show. The show, airing on The CW, accounts for Clark Kent’s life before donning the cape and tights. So far the show has been very good, with great special effects, interesting story, good characters. Smallville has been running has been running since 2001, and is easily my favorite TV show.