The Way of Kings, the first book in Brandon Sanderson’s new series The Stormlight Archive is currently set to be released on August 17, 2010.

What exactly is The Way of Kings? It’s a lengthy book, roughly twice the size of Elantris or Mistborn, and it will be the first in an epic fantasy series predicted to be of considerable length. (I’ve heard 8-10 books, though the author hasn’t said anything too definite.)

There are thirty magic systems in this world, depending on how you count them, and around six thousand years of history I’ve mapped out. There are dozens of cultures, a continent of enormous scope, and a deep, rich mythology. However, when I say things like that, you have to realize that very little of it will end up in the first book. The best fantasy epics I’ve read begin with a personal look at the characters in the early books, then have a steady expansion into epic scope.

Read Sanderson’s Thoughts on THE WAY OF KINGS for a better overview of what the series is supposed to be.