Master satirist Terry Pratchett’s latest Discworld novel, Unseen Academicals is now available, which once again features the wizards of Ankh-Morpork’s Unseen University.

The wizards at Ankh-Morpork’s Unseen University are renowned for many things—wisdom, magic, and their love of teatime—but athletics is most assuredly not on the list. And so when Lord Ventinari, the city’s benevolent tyrant, strongly suggests to Archchancellor Mustrum Ridcully that the university revive an erstwhile tradition and once again put forth a football team composed of faculty, students, and staff, the wizards of UU find themselves in a quandary.

Scott Westerfeld’s much-awaited novel Leviathan has been released. It is an alternate history set at the dawn of World War I, but with a bit of a focus on sci-fi/fantasy dirigibles, both steampunk-style and “organic.”

Tor has posted a two-minute video interview with Harriet McDougal and Brandon Sanderson, two people very important people behind the new Wheel of Time book, on YouTube.