Bloomsbury Publishing is staving-off plagiarism charges from the estate of one Adrian Jacobs, a little-known supposed fantasy author who created The Adventures of Willy the Wizard No. 1 Livid Land, a 1987 novella of 36 pages which had a very limited distribution.

The suit claims that Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire infringes upon Willy the Wizard due to both books having “wizards traveling on trains and a magical competition featuring a challenge involving a hostage situation.” The late author’s lawyers also allege that he had been in contact with literary agent Christopher Little, who later worked with J. K. Rowling to bring Harry Potter to publication.

“The central character of Willy the Wizard is not a young wizard, and the book does not revolve around a wizard school,” the publisher declared, as well as they had not heard of Jacobs or his work until the suit was filed.

This isn’t the first time that someone has made plagarism allegations against the Harry Potter franchise, and it is likely that this case is no more credible.