That just about sums-up the third novel of George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire in a word. Clocking-in at over 900 pages, it manages to move at a faster pace than its predecessors. A lot happens. Story arcs that have been unresolved for what seems like forever have finally been brought to conclusions, even if they’re not always the outcomes that we would prefer.

The game of thrones continues, with more intrigue and backstabbing than ever. Unexpected plot twists abound, and characters die. Unfortunately, many of them are the good characters…

There is some poetic justice, and much cunning Lannister maneuvering. Despite a lack of Eddard Stark, which Storm’s predecessor also suffered from, and the murder of characters I rather liked, A Storm of Swords is a worthy successor to A Clash of Kings.

The book ends with yet another twist, leaving you ready for the next installment.