All the Rage is the 4th book in the Repairman Jack series. The story centers around an impossible molecule that becomes inert a month after extraction from its source. All evidence of it (digital image, physical composition, notes on paper) reverts to a different molecule, different substance. Dr. Nadia Radzminsky has been hired to study the molecule for GEM Pharmaceuticals. Jack becomes involved when Nadia fears for her boss and mentor who is being threatened by Milos Dragovic, a mob-like boss from Herzegovina. Milos is a customer; he sells a drug the company manufactures.

Jack’s research leads him to a designer drug that causes uncontrollable rage. Looking farther, he also discovers the source of the molecule. A creature he thought was dead. Through their nosiness, Nadia and her fiance (separately prying) find themselves in a nasty predicament.

This is classic Repairman Jack, and Jack’s tire justice is perfect. Several of the characters in this book have well developed background information. And then, there is the tie-in to the Otherness.