Inkdeath is the conclusion to the “Inkworld Trilogy,” in which Inkheart is the first book. The installments have become progressively darker, and the latest certainly is no exception. Unlike the first book, it doesn’t have many parts that seem to crawl by. The pace isn’t quick, but it’s set at a fairly moderate pace.

The book is, like its predecessor Inkspell, set in the Inkworld rather than in the contemporary like Inkheart. The Adderhead is virtually immortal, but sick, after the climax of the previous book, and he will stop at nothing to find the traitorous bookbinder-slash-robber Bluejay (who much resembles Robin Hood).

The Adderhead is out to get the Bluejay and Meggie, and the less-than-pleasant Orpheus is still trying to rewrite Fenoglio’s story out from under the author of the world, causing no end of trouble. There surely is plenty going on, and things come to an agreeable end.

Oh, and Dustfinger returns, more powerful than ever…