The Vord have returned to Alera.

The invading insectoids are more powerful than ever—now with Furycraft—and they’re quickly sweeping across Alera. The First Lord must stave-off the attack, despite his rapidly failing health. Convincing the High Lords to cooperate is quite an undertaking.

Meanwhile, Tavi and company are in Canea, the land of the wolf-like Canim. The Vord are there too, having overrun the majority of the Canim realm.

The action is really heating up in the fifth installment in The Codex Alera, as the series nears its end. Princeps’ Fury feels like a sort of “bridge novel,” setting things up for the conclusion. There’s a lot going on, and the action doesn’t stop for a minute, but the ending is definitely leading right into the next book. It’s going to be huge.