At the beginning of Summer Knight, the White Council convenes in Chicago to discuss the matter of the war with the Red Court vampires, and maybe execute a meddling wizard by the name of Harry Dresden if they can get away with it.

But that’s the least of his problems. Queen Mab, ruler of the Winter Sidhe, pays him a visit with an offer he can’t refuse. A simple murder investigation—the deceased being the Summer Knight—to prevent a war with the Summer Sidhe, and the debt Harry owes will be forgiven. Of course, the other suspects are also ruthless Faerie royalty with phenomenal cosmic powers…

Summer Knight is one of my favorite books in the Dresden Files series. It has plenty of detective work, quite a lot of magic, and no shortage of wisecracks from the only wizard in the phone book.

Mab laughed, velvet ice, and it sent another shiver through me. “You will accept this case, wizard. It is what you are. It is your nature.”