TarValon.net has a spoiler-free advance review of the upcoming Wheel of Time book, The Gathering Storm up in their forum, following the one Dragonmount had published this July.

Yes, our narrator has changed. Sanderson’s writing is more focused on plot, and his style seems to put more weight on making things happen rather than world building. As we are in the concluding books in our story, this is especially welcome to the reader. Quite simply? Things happen. They happen fast. This book concludes things that have been plaguing me from the very beginning. The story moves forward in a fashion that satisfies and rewards invested readers. Our narrator has changed, and so the pace in which we hear the story has changed. But he serves this final part of the story exceedingly well and the characters speak true.

This latest review is quite encouraging. “Eleyan Sedai,” the reviewer and head of TarValon.net, is obviously a serious fan of the Wheel of Time series, so the review’s praise for Brandon Sanderson helps ease any doubts I still have about the upcoming book.

It’s going to be epic. :)

The Gathering Storm will be released on October 27, 2009.