The Battle of the Labyrinth (by Rick Riordan) is the fourth book in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, an interesting series that brings the ancient Greek gods to the modern day United States. Witty and quite different to anything else out there, the books really grab your attention and draw you in. (The first book in the series is The Lightning Thief.)

Upon returning to Camp Half-Blood, the summer camp and training center for heroes, Percy and Annabeth learn of Kronos’s plans to attack the camp by sending troops through Daedalus’s underground labyrinth. They’re sent out on a quest, along with Tyson and Grover of course, to find the missing inventor (Daedalus) and figure out how to stop the invasion.

The usual misadventures ensue, and there are quite a few sub-plots that fan out through the book. It’s quick paced, and overall there is a nice balance of action and snappy dialogue. Along the way, Percy discovers more of what his powers as a half-blood involve, and there are some hilarious situations throughout.

This is probably my second favorite of the series, right behind The Lightning Thief. It’s a bit darker, and a little less humorous than it’s predecessors, but the overarching storyline is really starting to take-off. The prohesied conflict is drawing nearer.