For those who are new to Frank Beddor’s Looking Glass Wars trilogy, the story takes place in the Queendom of Wonderland and it’s surrounding countries, where Alyss, the heir to the throne of Wonderland (and one of the two remaining members of the Heart family) is taken through a the pool of tears (a passage to Earth) after the queen is assassinated by her mother’s sister, Redd.

In the third book, Alyss (now queen of Wonderland), attempting to prove the treachery of the Lord and Lady Clubs, ends up leaving the city of Wondertropolis and the power of the heart crystal, which the leader of nearby Boarderland, Arch, takes advantage of, seizing the city and attempting to destroy the crystal, and eradicate the power of Imagination, which can be wielded by those who are exceptionally gifted with it, allowing them to create illusions, or even solid, fully functionable weapons.

I found it to be a very enjoyable book, and a quick read, not that I like that as much.