The Wise Man’s Fear is the continuation of Patrick Rothfuss’s brilliant debut novel, The Name of the Wind. It’s every bit as enjoyable as the first, and it’s about three hundred pages longer, which is always a welcome improvement.

Day two of Kvothe the Arcane’s chronicle of his life features his adventures among the Adem mercenaries and the nobility of Vintas when he takes a term off from his studies at the University to lie low after a legal run-in with Ambrose Jakis. He gains some more financial stability, training in the sword and unarmed combat, and his legendary sword Caesura. He, of course, adds much to his heroic reputation along the way.

I really hope that this is going to be a longer series than a mere trilogy, as much is still too much unanswered and the story has far too much potential to simply end it with Kvothe becoming Kote the innkeeper. I would love to see the third book finish the “recap” of Kvothe’s life so far, and then have him return from his faked death.