Warbreaker is one of those fantasy books that is more about a small group’s plans toward a great cause being pulled from its original path and used for a more sinister plan. Magic plays a very small role in this story, loathed by the main characters but surfacing to help them at useful moments.

The story takes place in the city of Hallandren, a strange tropical paradise full of odd fruits, unusual cultures, and a religion focused around people who died, then miraculously came back to life. These people, known as… well… gods, live in lavish palaces, give out blessings, and do other god things.

The magic, though, is well thought-out. Rather than making Warbreaker’s  magic a strange, mysterious power, Sanderson has crafted an unusual, unwieldy, rather expensive to use arcane art… and I totally thank him for it.

I don’t wish to spoil, but I do suggest this book. If you haven’t read Sanderson, read it. If you’ve read Wheel of Time and enjoyed it, read this, for this is the author who is finishing the series.