Cyan Worlds Inc has announced on the forums for Myst Online that they will be bringing the original Myst to the iPhone and iPod Touch.

This is a small project that probably a very few of you know about. We are porting Myst to the iPhone. Ok, before some of you start groaning, this is an outside funded project that is keeping a few developers employed… but it is really more than that. It is an interesting and fun project. This is also a very small team with three of us (which includes Derek, Rand (not Randy) and myself).

For those who don’t know what Myst is, it’s a series of fantasy games that date back to the early 1990s. The first in the series was one of the most popular video games on the Mac, and later PC, platforms. The games are highly puzzle oriented, and of the sort that you spend hours trying to solve. Take a look at the Myst Wikipedia page for more information on Myst.

Myst is well suited for an iPhone/i’Touch release, seeing as the puzzles are heavily click-based. The platform is fast becoming a good mobile gaming solution, and it’s nice to see new life breathed into old classics like Myst.